What our simulators can be used for

Our Simulators come with a full set of QTG’s (Quality Test Guide), based on the EASA specifications and accepted by the SACAA and all other Civil Aviation Authorities that are aligned with EASA or FAA international flight training regulations. When you purchase a Redbird Simulator, the price includes installation and setting up the QTG’s and assistance with submitting them to the relevant authorities.


An example of how the simulator can be use for training with the SACAA is below:


Our Redbird MCX  FNPT II is approved with the SACAA in the Instrument Procedural Training category allowing credits to the following simulator training:

*             5 hours towards the initial night rating

*             15 hours towards the initial IF rating

*             Maintenance of IF proficiency requirements according to regulation 61.05.11(b) and regulation 61.05.11(c)


Our Redbird MCX  FNPT II is further approved for:

*             3 hours towards initial Multi rating

*             5 hours PATTER training towards initial Grade 3 Flight instructors rating


Our Redbird MCX  FNPT II is approved for:

*             Single engine Instrument rating Renewals

*             Multi engine Instrument rating Renewals



Who can use the simulator


Any student or pilot accompanied by an instructor certified on the Redbird MCX simulator. Please notify your instructor to come and do  his rating on our simulator free of charge before you come to us.


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